Extracurricular workshops open to all

2 English workshops

Multi-Activity English Club

La Canopée offers fun activities in English every day after school, on Wednesdays and during school holidays. Our activity leaders are native English speakers. The “Multi-Activity English Club” allows them to take part in various activities in English, whilst developing their imagination and self-confidence. Themed workshops allow them to take part in specific activities entirely in English: gardening and cooking, dance and choir, yoga, theater, arts and crafts and sewing, or Science.

We do not teach English directly; we use it as a tool within the workshop activities. As a result, the children can feel at ease to speak English to other children and adults whilst they are staying in France, maintaining their ability level, whilst learning new vocabulary during the specialist workshops. They will understand that they are not alone in speaking more than one language, finding friends and spending time with adults with a similar background and experience of different languages and cultures.

Theater Club 

Acting in English can provide you with a high level of motivation while you increase your bank of English vocabulary. Beyond the work of memorization and expression, this workshop aims to develop self­confidence, commitment and personal growth within the group through theatrical experimentation. Presentation at the end of the year.

1 French Workshop

For the students of La Canopée and children who do not attend the school

Chess Club 

The practice of chess is an excellent intellectual stimulus for children and possesses many educational virtues. Chess particularly develops reasoning, creativity and mastery of self. Typical lesson plan: theoretical course on the chessboard and practice. There will be an end of the year tournament.

These workshops are also open to children that are not enrolled at La Canopée.


The workshops will open as soon as 6 children have enrolled.