From practice to theory

Fundamental teaching points are taught in an inter-disciplinary manner in each class.

Concepts are presented to the children in a simple and clear manner by one of the principle teachers. Specialist teachers then reinforce these ideas, either beforehand or afterwards, to act as a further illustration and to consolidate understanding.

An example: Teaching the concept of proportion can be supported in a cooking lesson. For example, using a recipe created for 2 people for the whole class OR in an art lesson: a drawing or plan to be reproduced to scale.

This inter-disciplinary work encourages not only the learning of new concepts, but also the creation of concrete links between ideas and how this knowledge can be used by the child in a real way.

Each teacher is fully involved in the teaching methods at La Canopée. Bi-monthly meetings, organised with the entire teaching team allow us to adapt the planning according to the rhythm of each child.

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