Schedule respecting the biological rhythm

The capacity for children to concentrate develops during the day according to a pattern which has been clearly identified by neurologists.

Regularly a subject of debate, the organisation of the new national school day routine is chaotic and does not realistically take into account the results of published studies.

Adapting to the biological rhythm of children implies a profound modification of the school timings and the timetable of the teachers. 

At La Canopée, the physiological rhythm of the children guides the timing of the day. As there are moments of improved or reduced attention, we have created a timetable that takes into account this data.

Lessons start at 9:00 for all students.

Morning lessons finish at 12:00pm. Regardless of age, all children have the option to take a nap after lunch.

The afternoon begins with workshops : sport (capoeira / yoga), science, history / geography or gardening . These are held every day, according to a rota.

Lessons continue at 14:30. At the moment when they have increased capability for concentration.

Lessons end:

–  Nursery will finish their lessons at 15:15

–  Reception and Primary will finish their lessons at  16:30

This allows each age group to profit from the period of time when they have the highest concentration levels.

The children are then taken into the charge of our specialist teachers to take part in extra-curricular activities. These are planned as a continuation of our teaching project and are held on site.

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