Community life

School is one of the first experiences of socialising for the child. In the long termthis will define the nature of their relationship with the adult world. Most notably, listening skills and the validation of each other’s experiences.

The protective nature and family-feeling ofLa Canopéeencourages community life, founded on the values of equality, tolerance and fairness.

The sharing of jobs, working together, discussions between classmates, teachers, parents and the elderly are everyday realities at La Canopée.

Inter-class interaction allows exchanges between students of different ages:

– The youngest students, inspired by older children, can understand and anticipate better the advantages of advanced learning

– The oldest children share their achievements in a clear and precise manner, developing a strong confidence in themselves as a result

– All children learn to express themselves in public, to listen to one another and to validate the experiences of others

Beyond the strictly educational benefits of these relationships, the personal links developed between the children reinforce the warm ambiance of the school.

Parents play an integral part of life at La Canopée. They can watch, understand and take part in our teaching by participating in certain workshops, theme days and cultural visits. Teachers and parents collaborate to create an open environment that is sympathetic and ambitious, so that the children learn perseverance, empathy and respect.

Newly enrolled children and their parents have the opportunity to meet families who already attend the school before the start of the new school year.

La Canopée develops gardening, art and computer initiation with the elderly and work with local charities. These projects are continuous, throughout the year, with variable participation depending on the age of the child.

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