Stage de février 2024

Du 12 au 16 février 2024, le stage est animé par nos deux professeurs, Leah, anglophone native, et Marie, francophone. L’objectif est de découvrir un univers en s’amusant et en apprenant l’anglais.

Nos stages sont ouverts aux enfants francophones ou bilingue. Nos élèves y côtoient des enfants non scolarisés à La Canopée.

Indian Week
Indian theatre is one of the most ancient forms of theatre and its vivid colours and masks are what makes it truly magical. Kathakali, a kind of story-telling dance, will be the focus of this workshop. The actors traditionally wear large, elaborate masks and headgear, which the kids will be making with papier-marche and paint. They will then express themselves behind these masks, losing themselves to the beautiful Kathakali dance movements together with Marie. To go into a bit more detail, mornings will start with yoga, learning mudras and postures individually or in groups. Then in the afternoons children will explore India through craft-making with art-teacher Leah. The headgear we will be making are a big part of Kathalki theater and a way in which the children can explore papier-mâché, paint and jewels. This will be an ongoing project throughout the week. In Kathalki theater, the actors communicate through shawls and metal plates, a unique form of communication they will be exploring further with Marie once we have made these shawls ourselves. We will also explore Diwali and the Hindu deities through smaller drawing-based workshops later in the week, a calm activity that will hopefully inspire the children before their theatrical performance on Friday afternoon